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It was just two weeks ago that I was living in Washington D.C. and interning for one of the best law firms around, Best Best & Krieger LLP. After completing my internship I noticed how much more professional my resume was ( when compared to other interns). So, I’m going to layout some steps when writing your resume for internships. I hope this helps.

  • Try to have relevant experience before applying to top-notch internships. So if you’re applying to an elite corporate law firm try to have previous experience from a local law firm or your town’s courthouse. That top-notch law firm will want to know that you’ve been exposed to law terms, memos, and legal proceedings.
  • Once you feel that your resume is lookin’ good type it up. Recently I decided to use a Word template and it actually turned out pretty good. If you want to make a resume from scratch feel free to do so, but I personally like to use a template because it gives a polished, professional look. Plus, it’ll save you a little time.
  1. Make sure your resume is one page long. Please don’t try to tell future employers every single job and internship you’ve had. No one wants to spend more than a minute on your resume.
  2. When explaining what you did in each job try to be descriptive. Don’t just put “gained legal knowledge” or acquired “professional skills.” Yup, they will never know what that means.
  3. Try to put down specific skills or leaderships roles you’ve had. I tend to put this category towards the bottom of my resume, but if the internship your applying for specifically asks for leadership experience address that first and foremost. I have my resume in the following order: name, contact information, education, law experience, leadership, and skills.
  4. Please proof read your resume. You want to make sure the text is the same all the way around, periods and commas where they belong, and so forth.
  5. Make your resume easy on a reader’s eyes. You don’t want future employers feeling lost when they look at your resume.
  6. Saving your resume in PDF is the way to go.

Good luck, please leave me a comment if you have any questions.


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