Instagram now offers a little thing that matters: the ability to straighten photos

It’s the little things that matter.


As a long time Instagram member (s fb), one of the lessons I have learned is that people like photos that are straight and aren’t at some awkward angles. Why, I can’t tell you, but good framing, balanced composing and straight photos get people is a like-able mood. So typically, I would take my photo using Camera Plus, save it to my Photo Album and then import into Snapseed (which is now owned by Google), straighten the photo and post it to Instagram. 

instagramstraightenNot anymore – the latest version of the iOS version of the Instagram app now has the built-in ability to straighten photos. The app does this automagical correction using data from phone’s sensors. Specifically, the company is using sensors (accelerometers/gyrometers) that determine the orientation and tilt of a device. Take a picture, hit on the straighten photo icon and the sensor data corrects any…

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