Why does Twitter buying MoPub matter? It’s all about persistent identity and mobile ads


Twitter spent a reported $350 million or so to acquire a mobile advertising company called MoPub earlier this week, a deal that didn’t get a lot of notice in the build-up to Apple’s big iPhone update. But in a blog post following the news, Antonio Garcia — the founder of AdGrok, which he sold to Twitter, and the creator of Facebook’s real-time ad exchange — makes a persuasive case that Twitter’s acquisition of MoPub is a huge move, and could alter the competitive dynamic between Twitter and Facebook substantially, tilting it in Twitter’s favor.

In his post, which is entitled “Why Twitter Buying MoPub Is a Very Big Deal,” Garcia notes that the company is the world’s largest mobile ad exchange, and says acquiring them effectively makes Twitter “the most interesting company in advertising right now.” That’s because the two biggest trends affecting the ad industry are the…

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